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Streaming backends

Waasabi currently supports two components to provide the video streaming functionality (but integrating further options is already underway).

Waasabi MUX API backend

MUX provides a commercial professional streaming backend, suitable for a variety of needs. Small-scale deployments can be used cost-effectively, while more demanding usecases (such as conferences) can count on its reliability, but in those cases plan for having to foot a reasonable, but not cheap bill.

Earlier editions of the RustFest Global used the MUX backend to live-stream the whole-day online conference world-wide to hundreds of people, with a final cost of a few dollars per person.

Screenshot of Waasabi at RustFest Global 2020

Waasabi PeerTube backend

The PeerTube backend is the first supported streaming backend coming from our recent work in integrating decentralized, peer to peer solutions into Waasabi -- an effort supported by the NLNet foundation's NGI0 programme.

Waasabi's PeerTube backend not only provides a self-contained, open source and libre solution for the live stream, but also allows the users to gain access to an emerging Fediverse of independent social media services.

PeerTube in action on the Waasabi live page

While its federated peer-to-peer nature alleviates the need for powerful dedicated hardware, ensuring stability and reliability if PeerTube instances at larger scales becomes a non-trivial issue and for large, mission-critical deployments we recommend to enlist people with sufficient expertise to manage the hardware and software internals of Waasabi & PeerTube.


Waasabi's PeerTube integration is currently available in beta. There are certain limitations to the final featureset offered by Waasabi, but we encourage everyone to give it a shot and provide feedback for further improvements.

Waasabi components are licensed under the Apache 2.0 License