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Tweets by Florian Gilcher, Vi, Aï Maiga on Nov 7, 2020

Original tweets from @Argorak, @gl4cierBlue, ai_maiga / Transcript below →


Screenshot of the tweets, detailed transcript below


flaki (@slsoftworks)😗*

Ever wished for a conference where any & all sessions show up instantly in a Replay box after they aired, to be re(?)watched anytime, even if you just grabbed your ticket halfway through the event?

I did.

So I built it. 🙈

Probably my favorite @RustFest Global feature. 💖

Tweet from Florian Gilcher (@Argorak):

Just confirmed: there isn't a speaker at @rustfest up until now that I have seen before. Many of them, I didn't even hear of before. Which, given that I was 100%ing @rustlang conferences for a while is a great!

Reply by Vi (@gl4cierBlue):

Very happy to have had the opportunity to speak at @RustFest as a newbie speaker - this morning was a great experience 😃

Reply by Aï Maiga (@ai_maiga):

Yes me too. It was my first technical talk ever! Great experience, especially reply to questions and learn from people!